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116 // Cheating, Healing From A Broken Relationship And Learning To Trust Yourself w/ Emily Gough

February 10, 2021

[PART 1 - PART 2 on Room To Grow Podcast By Emily Gough]

This episode was amazing. Emily and I go deep into the realms of human connection, cheating, her ex-partner’s 9 year affair AND what it’s like to heal from a broken relationship. Nothing is off limits and I feel honoured to bring you such a raw and honest listening experience. Don’t forget to head to Emily’s podcast Room To Grow to tune in on Part 2.


Emily Gough - Human Connection Coach


Room To Grow Podcast

The 9 Year Affair - Lessons in Infidelity:


Daniel Sloss - Jigsaw


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February 16/17/18

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